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    Introduction of Used Tire

    Déchets encombrants

    Waste tires are internationally recognized as harmful waste, known as black pollution. The composition of tires is 58% natural and synthetic rubber, with coal, oil and natural gas being the main raw materials, but most of them cannot be decomposed by nature. The increasing black pollution has caused serious pressure and damage to China's ecological environment. The annual production of scrap tires increases by 8% to 10% in China. The global inventory of scrap tires has reached 3 billion, representing an astonishing growth of around 1 billion tires per year. The recovery rate is only about 50%, less than 50% of western developed countries, resulting in a huge waste of resources. The same time,

    Used Tire Application

    Size between 8 and 20 mesh: it is mainly used in tracks, road cushions, mattresses, lawns, elastic covering layers, sports venues, etc.
    Size between 30 and 40 mesh: it is mainly used in the production of recycled rubber, modified rubber powder, paving, plywood production, etc.
    Size between 40 and 60 mesh: called fine rubber powder. It is mainly used in rubber filling, plastic modification, etc.
    Size between 60-80 mesh: called ultra-fine rubber powder, mainly used in car tires, rubber products, building materials, etc.

    Waste tire shredding process

    Système de traitement des déchets déchiqueteurs encombrants

    Used tire recommended equipment

    Used Tire Case

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