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    Introduction of Stationery Twisted Rope

    Déchets encombrants

    The main components of stationery waste are plastics, steel wire and residual pulp. Many of these materials are mixed together to form large objects that are difficult to separate. Each year, the amount of waste discharged by paper mills is calculated in hundreds of tons. Impurities include certain plastics and other inorganic substances that cannot be recycled, including sedimentation and slag produced by flocculation in a wastewater treatment system, sludge produced in a wastewater treatment system, and certain domestic waste produced in living spaces. Therefore, solving the problem of paper mill waste and residue is the most important problem for paper mills.

    Application of Stationery Twisted Rope

    Paper products such as light slag, paper factory waste, cardboard factory waste, waste paper, etc.

    Stationery Twisted Rope Grinding Process

    Système de traitement des déchets déchiqueteurs encombrants

    Stationery twisted rope recommended equipment

    Stationery Twisted Rope Case

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