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    Introduction of Garden Waste

    Déchets encombrants

    With the rapid development of urban landscape construction, the green coverage rate of urban and rural areas has increased sharply, and the living environment has been improved. At the same time, the field of greening management has expanded, resulting in an increase in garden waste such as branches, leaves, lawn mowers, etc. If not effectively managed, it will not only affect the urban environment, but also cause fire accidents, which is also a huge waste of resources.

    Garden Waste Application

    Garden waste is crushed by shredder, some for ecological cover, and some for deep treatment to make organic fertilizers. Once crushed, the materials to be processed into organic fertilizer will be temporarily stacked in the pre-treatment area, and then transferred to the organic fertilizer machine for fermentation treatment to make organic fertilizer and biomass fuel rods. The organic fertilizer produced is used for ecological green planting. The produced biomass fuel rods can replace other fuels in life and realize waste reduction, resource utilization and harmless processing.

    Garden waste shredding process

    Système de traitement des déchets déchiqueteurs encombrants

    Garden waste recommended equipment

    Garden Waste Case

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