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    Recycling Systems

    Quality comes from strength and technology creates shine. ZZS Ecotech is focused on customer needs, provides customers with an integrated and one-stop solid waste treatment solution, to build a new green future.

    Solid Waste Treatment Solution

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    Solution de système de surveillance intelligent

    Radiator Recycling Line

    Vsc4 series is widely used in the field of medium and fine crushing of high hardness and irregular materials. It is popular in the crushing of non-ferrous metal recovery. Compared with other types of crushers, it has hiah output and efficiency. The discharging particle size of the vertical crusher can be adiusted arbitrarily, and is not affected by the wear of hammer head and lining plate;There is no screen bar setting to ensure the smooth removal of materials that are difficult to handle and will not cause equipment damage

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    Solution de système de suppression de poussière intelligent

    Scrap Metal Recycling Line

    The bulky waste disposal system is mainly composed of heavy chain conveyor, double shear shaft crusher, iron separator, dust removal system, smart control, etc. Bulky waste is a kind of household waste that is difficult to dispose of. It is inconvenient to clean and transport, and the transportation costs are high. Conventional sanitation did not include this part in the collection and transport system. In order to solve this problem, according to the characteristics of bulky waste, GEP developed and designed an intelligent production line of bulky waste processing and disposal system combined with mechanical, electrical,

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    Solid Waste Grinding Project

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