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    VSC800 Vertical crusher

    Application areas:

    RadiatorMotor rotorUBC baleAluminium profilesEngine blockGlassWeeeScrap steel

    Introduction du produit

    Vsc800 is a small vertical crusher, which is widely used in the medium and fine crushing of wine bottle caps and various famous aluminum parts. It is widely used in the crushing of non-ferrous metal recycling, with high output and efficiency compared with other types of crushers. The discharging particle size of vsc800 vertical crusher can be adjusted at will, and is not affected by hammer head and lining plate grinding; No screen bar is set to ensure the smooth removal of difficult materials.

    Product advantages

    • 1.Automatic reverse control system

      The electrical part of vsc800 vertical crusher is equipped with an overload automatic reverse control system, which can protect the equipment after the equipment is overloaded, reduce the probability of equipment damage due to overload, improve the degree of use, and extend the service time of the equipment to a certain extent.

    • 2.Unique tool design

      Unique cutter design, suitable for tearing materials with strong winding; The mesh diameter can be adjusted according to the size of materials, which meets the size and output requirements of customers for processing finer materials;

    • 3.Two crushing chambers

      The primary crushing chamber of the vertical crusher is used for the pretreatment of materials, and the secondary crushing chamber is used for the fine crushing of materials to make the crushed materials smaller and convenient for furnace feeding.

    Technical Parameter

    Model Power(kW) Grinding chamber dimension(mm) Cylinder diameter(mm) Size(mm)
    VSC-1000 55-75 270X380 1000 2700X1160X2000

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