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    VSC1250 Vertical crusher

    Application areas:

    Radiator Motor rotor UBC bale Aluminium profiles Engine block Glass Weee Scrap steel

    Introduction du produit

    Vsc1250 vertical crusher is applicable to the fine crushing operation of raw materials from metal manufacturers, as well as the fine crushing operation of motor shell, plastic, aluminum parts, bottle cap, molding and plastic. The explosion ratio of the vertical blaster is large, and the discharge particle size can be adjusted arbitrarily. Not affected by hammer and lining plate; There is no mesh belt setting, so it is not easy to block when splitting high and hard, and there are no sundries.

    Product advantages

    • 1.Extra thick steel plate with diagonal bracing

      The raw materials of the manufacturing equipment are made of extra thick steel plate and diagonal brace to ensure the operation of the machine. The lining plate and hammer are processed by heat treatment, and the service time is higher than that of others

    • 2.Pre tightening of materials by pressing equipment

      The pressing equipment pre tightens the materials, expands the feeding scale and improves the production power. Open the door. After the bad broken materials enter the crushing chamber, the user can open the door and discharge them out of the machine body to prevent damage to the crusher.

    • 3.Hydraulic cover opening equipment

      The hydraulic cover opening equipment, full-automatic system and hydraulic power system can be used intelligently, saving time and effort, and the operation status of the equipment can be known at a glance.

    Technical Parameter

    Model Power(kW) Grinding chamber dimension(mm) Cylinder diameter(mm) Size(mm)
    VSC1250 75-110 270X400 1250 2800X1400X2730

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