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    SCL600 Metal Hammer Mill

    Application areas:

    Metal Chips Scrap Steel Raw Aluminum Hardware Scrap Home Appliances Cooked Aluminum

    Introduction du produit

    SCL series crusher is one of the famous star products developed by China Renewable science and technology. It uses the principle of hammer hitting, shearing and kneading. Driven by high-speed and high torque motor, the hammer head on the rotor of the main machine strikes the materials to be crushed that enter the crushing chamber in turn. Through the space formed between the lining plate and the hammer head, the materials to be crushed are crushed and kneaded. After being discharged, under the action of magnetic separation equipment, the non-ferrous metals mixed in the waste steel Plastic, rubber and other non-metallic wastes can be piled up separately to obtain high-quality crushed steel with high purity.

    Product advantages

    • 1.The smelting cycle of scrap crushed by crusher is relatively short

      The smelting cycle of the scrap crushed by the crusher is relatively short, the crushed steel is uniform, and can be smelted quickly; After processing, the chemical composition of molten steel after smelting is stable and contains low sulfur and phosphorus.

    • 2.The recovery rate of crushed steel is greatly increased compared with that before crushing

      Compared with that before crushing, the recovery rate of crushed steel is greatly improved. Due to the crushing work in the early stage, the smelting process becomes simple, and the power consumption cost per ton of molten steel is greatly reduced.

    • 3.Reduced air pollution during crushing

      The crushing process reduces impurities, so as to reduce air pollution and slag; Uniform crushing of steel can effectively increase the lining time in the furnace.

    Technical Parameter

    Model Power(kW) Inlet width(mm) Average capacity(t)
    SCL400 315 1200 4-6
    SCL500 400 1400 6-8
    SCL600 450 1600 8-12
    SCL800 600 1800 10-15
    SCL1000 750 2200 15-20
    SCL1200 900 2200 20-25

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