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    SC1210 Metal Hammer Mill

    Application areas:

    Metal Chips Scrap Steel Raw Aluminum Hardware Scrap Home Appliances Cooked Aluminum

    Introduction du produit

    SC1210 crusher is mainly used to treat waste metal aluminum. Sc1210 waste aluminum crusher can crush and process large-size solid metal materials, so as to achieve the equipment that meets the size. The fast operation of the sc1210 crusher hammer makes the crushed aluminum rotate with the hammer, and after a short time of beating and rubbing, the formed particles flow out of the screen at the bottom of the equipment. The materials that do not meet the specifications are retained in the crushing bin and continue to be crushed until they meet the size of the screen hole, so as to ensure the consistency of the discharge specifications.

    Product advantages

    • 1.Wide feeding port and large crushing cavity

      With wide feeding port and large crushing cavity, it is applicable to raw materials with large crushing volume. The heavy rotor design scheme ensures high-quality rotors with its rigorous production and processing methods.

    • 2.Greatly improve the axial compressive strength of machinery and equipment

      The bearing with seat is forged by steel casting, which greatly improves the axial compressive strength of the machine and equipment. It is equipped with a hydraulic transmission system and built-in top opening equipment, which can quickly overhaul and maintain the machine and equipment and reduce the shutdown time.

    • 3.Compact structure and strong equipment rigidity

      It is equipped with magnetic separation equipment and adopts a strong magnetic drum separator to separate the non-ferrous gold and iron metals contained in the materials. It has a compact structure, strong equipment stiffness, and the rotor has greater rotating inertia force, so it can be manufactured faster.

    Technical Parameter

    Model Power(kW) Inlet width(mm) Average capacity(t)
    SC1210 110-200 1200X650 3-5

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