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    FS80 Series Four Shaft Shredder

    Application areas:

    Metal drum / Metal frame / Metal scrapPlastic drum / Plastic frame / Plastic palletWood scrap / wood palletWaste paper / cardboard cartonE-wasteAluminum scraps, Aluminum profileWaste rubber, waste tireHousehold wasteIndustrial waste

    Introduction du produit

    As the name suggests, FS series four axis shredder is composed of four groups of cutter rollers. The four groups of cutter rollers cooperate with each other with different cutter structures. After the materials enter the shredding box, they are torn into small pieces by the blade tearing and shearing on the four groups of cutter rollers. The four axis shredder provides greater shear force than the two axis crusher, and can handle all kinds of ductile and ductile wastes, and obtain consistent shapes and sizes.

    Product advantages

    • 1.Four cutter shaft structure

      The unique four cutter shaft structure and cutter tooth shape, the lower two groups of cutter rollers are responsible for the main crushing, and the upper two groups of cutter rollers are responsible for the auxiliary crushing and gripping, reducing the invalid gripping, reversing and idling time, with high efficiency.

    • 2.International brand bearing

      The brand bearing has guaranteed quality and high impact load resistance; The quadruple seal properly protects the bearing from sewage, sludge and dust, which makes the bearing last longer.

    • 3.Heat treatment process

      The proper use of heat treatment process makes the comprehensive performance of the cutter box better, and it is not easy to deform after long-term use; Significantly improve the mechanical performance of parts, greatly extend their service life, and achieve one at most.

    Technical Parameter

    Model Power(kW) Grinding chamber dimension(mm) Total Weight(t) Size(mm)
    FS100100 22+22 1090X1080 5 3550X1280X2550
    FS100120 22+22 1220×1040 5 3000X1460X2550

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