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    Copper Wire Machine

    Application areas:

    Wire and cable, household appliance wire, communication wire, computer wire, automobile harness

    Introduction du produit

    Copper rice machine is used to crush waste copper wire and separate copper from plastic. Because the separated copper is like rice. Therefore, it is called tongmi machine. The copper rice machine belongs to a kind of environmental protection machinery. The copper rice machine is mainly used to separate the waste wires and cables from the metal and plastic. Through environmental protection methods, the waste wires and cables are treated without pollution, and the problem of severe environmental pollution caused by the old separation and recycling of waste wires and cables is abandoned. Copper rice machine is a new type of equipment for recycling renewable resources, which can effectively deal with the current crisis of resource scarcity.

    Product advantages

    • 1.Copper rice machine can handle a variety of wires

      Copper rice machine equipment is aimed at various automobile circuit lines, motorcycle lines, battery car lines, TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliance lines, as well as various waste lines that are not suitable for processing by various wire stripping machines such as communication lines and computer lines.

    • 2.The overall structure of the equipment is compact

      The overall structure of the equipment is compact, the layout is reasonable and does not occupy land. It is simple and convenient to use. It can be directly put into production just by connecting to the power. The equipment is equipped with a full-automatic crusher, which is used for feeding, crushing, dust collection and separation.

    • 3.Only one person is required for feeding in the whole process

      Only one person is required to feed in the whole process to complete the production and treatment. The equipment has high-quality dust collection equipment. After dry separation, the separated finished products can be directly sold in the market.

    Technical Parameter

    Model Equipment size(mm) Equipment weight(t) Motor power(kw) yield(KG)
    CR-600 3300x3200x2300 2.5 33.5 600

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